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There are presently limitations to enter Russia and boarders are closed for international travelers with a general exception of Russian citizen, holders of residency, visits for medical treatments, studies and participants of sport events.
Visa issuing from consulates and on-line suspended until further notice. Domestically few restrictions exist due to vaccination and a declining trend of infections (see News Updates). 1/4
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We have an integrated technically advanced Business Management System & communication setup in order to ensure a safe operation! Our back-office is set up for both office and remote access including all types of audio visual meeting communication and exchange of files in any formats 2/4
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We are Quality & Creativity driven with a personal involvement and a belief that our business is made by and for people It’s all about people from the beginning of development and communication to operation and staffing 3/4
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Any segments or group seize with same care! We have since the foundation been on the frontline with international ethics, policies, insurances and compliances Our priority and goal is to satisfy each participant being a part of a group with understanding that each segment and nationality requires different behavior and cultural needs. 4/4
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Being the biggest country in the world covering 11 time zones with a huge ethnically diverse cultural and multinational population we have operated projects in more than 70 locations all over Russia and present during the World Cup in 11 cities and as well at the winter Olympics in Sochi!

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Moscow is a huge sprawling city of 14 million people with everything that Russia has to offer with the need of logistics and sense of understanding. We blend the needs of our clients with the numerous alternatives, suppliers and pricing for the ideal fit with knowledge and know-how!

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St. Petersburg

An easy going city with 5 million inhabitants focused on culture, themes and entertainment! With our strong supplier relations and creativity, we avoid the traditional patterns avoiding queue lines where possible and adding the little extra in every detail to create excitements!

Maybe the most experienced and technically advanced Travel, Event and Meeting Management company in Russia


clients have been
served since 1996


World Cup client activations with more
than 50.000 room nights produced.


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Olympics in Sochi


the foundation of Russkie Prostori
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75 cities

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60 nations

have utilized our services and been
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Ola Kastensson Co-founder & Managing Director
Ola Kastensson

“Crazy about Russia, new ideas, creativity and always optimistic of what the future holds in the hand. Motivation, diplomacy and honesty are key attributes but he also believes that one plus one becomes three when the sky is the limit…!”

Born in Sweden with a background of Tour Operating, Reservation Systems, Hotels & Destination Management in Europe and Middle East since 1980. Graduate of a Swedish Business School and a Suisse Hotel Management School. In Russia since 1992 with hotel pre-opening, feasibility studies, Destination Management, Business Travel Agency and other travel projects.
Elena Kastensson Co-founder & Executive Director
Elena Kastensson

“The genius of operational skills and usually manage 2 cell phones whilst controlling and checking arrangement to the smallest detail! She doesn’t accept a No and always find a quick solution and makes the impossible possible. Always being straight and honest and “usually” being right.”

Born in St. Petersburg and graduated from the University of Economics & Finance. Front-office, reception and accounting experience in the first International Hotel J-V, Grand Hotel Europe in St. Petersburg. Held various finance positions within in Conolly International and Paulig.
legacy and history from 1996

Company Anniversary (1996-2021)
Serving our clients for 25 years

Launch of “Creative Studio” concept.
Client Award for the best Incentive (Spain & Portugal)

Launch of the
“Hospitality Club”.

FIFA World Cup (45.000 room nights in 11 cities).
ADMEI Award “Best Destination Marketing”

FIFA Confederation Cup operation (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan & Sochi) MD awarded “Honorary Citizen of Russia”.

MD awarded “Business Leader of 2016”
20 years Anniversary Promotion (with local partners & Aeroflot)

Winter Olympic operation in Sochi (7.000 clients).
Obtaining Teambuilding license for Russia

Established FIFA operation
Join-Venture branded “TEAM Russkie”

“Best Incoming Operator” Award (Concord Group)
Opening full service Office in Sochi.

Olympic Attendance in London as observer
Launch of ‘BookHotel” (on-line booking platform)

Awarded “1st Golden Frigate Medallion for Developments of the Tourism sector” (City Government of Saint Petersburg).

Client Award ”Best Incentive” (IncentiveMagazine, Italy).
Expanding Moscow office with permanent staff.

ISO 9001:2000 certification.
Feasibility study of Incentive Fulfillment Operation.
Established operational office in Moscow.

Initiator of the Russian short term visa (handling 80% of all applications). Purchase of 14 Russian 4WD vehicles (Jeep Master)

Established Service Office in Vladivostok

Establishment of in-house IT Department
Developed in-house Business Management System (Destimation)

Company Foundation & Management

Our latest News Updates We regularly publish news from our company and our customers. Stay tuned for our updates on our website
31.01.22 WE ARE MISSING YOU " Covid Facts Russia"

Russia is still only accessible with limited access and entry for foreigners. We have compiled some shorts facts of the present situation to ensure and provide a safe visit without anticipation and will immediately communicate when changes appear for your consideration to see this beautiful country as a travel destination again.

WE ARE MISSING YOU " Covid Facts Russia"

Due to the pandemic there are presently limitation to enter Russia and boarders are closed for international travelers

03.08.20 Glamping in Russia

Enjoy wild beautiful nature in remote regions of Russia in luxury.

Glamping in Russia
31.07.20 Spasskaya Tower Festival

From August 28 to September 6 we will see the biggest music fiesta in Moscow - Spasskaya Tower Festival.

Spasskaya Tower Festival
24.07.20 Dinner in the Sky

The World famous Belgian project comes to Moscow and St Petersburg.

Dinner in the Sky
17.07.20 Russian Museums Welcome Guests

Almost all the museums in Russia have started accepting visitors.

Russian Museums Welcome Guests
31.01.22 WE ARE MISSING YOU " Covid Facts Russia" Even with the best intention and wishes to see you soon again in Russia there are sometimes over-optimism in regards to how and when to travel. Russia is still only accessible with limited access and entry for foreigners. We have compiled some shorts facts of the present situation to ensure and provide a safe visit without anticipation and will immediately communicate when changes appear for your consideration to see this beautiful country as a travel destination again.

Presently a PCR test is required 48 hours prior boarding the plane to arrive in Russia. Upon arrival Foreign Vaccine certificates is not accepted – only a QR code with a Russian manufactured vaccine (Sputnik etc.), for Russian citizen recovered or registered antibody blood test (QR Codes) for entering restaurants, public places (museums etc.) as well shops as well as facemask. Alternatively, and additional PCR test in Russia is required after expired 48 Hours proof has expired and valid for 24 hours after issuing time of the certificate.

However, there are presently discussed that Foreigners will be able to obtain a coronavirus health pass — QR code — in Russia by taking an antibody test (blood test in the veins) according to Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister. The passes are planned to be valid for six months. Russia also have plans to cut the isolation period from 14 to seven days for those infected with Covid-19.

Russia has confirmed 11,861,077 cases of coronavirus and 331,349 deaths, according to the national coronavirus information center. Russia’s total excess fatality is at least 995,000. Under half the population is fully vaccinat

JAN. 31: Russia reported more than 100,000 new coronavirus cases for the third consecutive day. The country’s coronavirus task force confirmed 124,070 new Covid-19 infections over the past 24 hours and 621 fatalities. A growing number of Russian regions are re-introducing coronavirus lockdown measures due to the surging Omicron variant, however Kremlin repeated that there will be no nationwide lockdown due to the variant’s spread. Fifteen regions across the country have suspended routine medical care due to the overwhelming number of hospitalizations, while five regions have sent schoolchildren to remote learning and four regions banned mass gatherings. Moscow does not plan to introduce new lockdown measures in response to the Omicron variant citing two sources close to the Mayor's Office.

JAN 24: Amid rising cases, Moscow Mayor extended a requirement for businesses in the capital to ensure 30% of their employers were working from home.

APPROVAL PROCESS RUSSIAN VACINE (acceptance foreign vaccine?)
The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is still awaiting additional documentation on Sputnik V before it can proceed with the vaccine approval process, the EU’s Ambassador to Moscow said Monday. The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Russia said Sunday the vaccine’s developers had submitted all the required information needed for its approval process, and further inspections will take place in February, though other WHO officials later appeared to contradict this, saying they were still waiting for a full data package from Russia.

01.06.21 PANDEMIC UPDATE & TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS (June -21) Due to the pandemic there are presently limitation to enter Russia and boarders are closed for international travelers with exception of Russian citizen, holders of residency, visits for medical treatments, studies, participants of sport events and special issued permissions. Requirement of a valid 72 hours PCR-test prior entering the boarder. Visa issuing from consulates and on-line suspended until further notice. Domestically few restrictions left including vaccination and a declining trend of infections. For actual info in English ( All public and private clinics providing vaccination services to Russians are presently not allowed for foreigners with exception of some mobile centers found in food malls, theaters, and shopping centers (a special visa needs to be applied for to enter Russian Federation). NB: Visitors with a valid match ticket to UEFA games can enter the country with a FAN-ID and a valid PCR test!

Announcement will be made immediately upon receipt of an official update of boarder opening. For specific travel requests, offers or detailed information or travel updates please contact us directly on . Looking forward welcoming you back to Russia!
03.08.20 Glamping in Russia Enjoy the wild beautiful nature in remote regions of Russia in luxury.

The beauty of pristine wild nature is what Russia is proud of. It used to be unreachable for common travelers due to the lack of infrastructure. But not any more.

The Kola Peninsula near Murmansk is inside the Arctic Circle, it is full of waterfalls, mountains and rivers. Now you can enjoy all of that in luxurious accommodation with a special design and rest their body and soul, feel one with nature. You will get a wonderful view under a glass dome, a superb cuisine of local products and go on jeeping and quad biking tours.

The glamping site is located several-hour drive from Murmansk. The drive will not be tiresome as it is usually combined with a visit to many picturesque sites. Direct flights to Murmansk are available from Helsinki, Moscow and St Petersburg.

Photos: RussiaDiscovery
31.07.20 Spasskaya Tower Festival From August 28 to September 6 we will watch the biggest music fiesta in Moscow - Spasskaya Tower Festival.

This spectacular military show will be staged on the background of the Kremlin, and a great ‘battlefield’ of the bands from different countries will fight for the love of the audience.

The event is held each year. Its program includes harmonious combination of military, classical, folk and popular music. The geographical footprint of the Festival already spans all corners of the globe. This year Moscow will give a warm welcome to the representatives of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, the DPR of Korea, Norway, the Korean Republic, Russia, Turkey, Japan, and two international groups — the International Celtic Massed Pipes and Drums and International Celtic Dance Team.

The guests will also see military band parades and dance shows, even a horse show, a lighting show projected to the St. Basil’s Cathedral and majestic fireworks.
24.07.20 Dinner in the Sky The World famous Belgian project comes to Moscow and St Petersburg.

Imagine an exclusive dinner on a flying dinner table served by the world’s best chefs right there with you. And a stunning view, of course.

“Dinner in the Sky” comes to Russia for the second time and has a great success. The location is always different. Last year the guests in St Petersburg were admiring  a breathtaking panorama of the Gulf of Finland with a 2018 World Cup Stadium and Lakhta Center, the tallest tower in Europe. The dinners will be held on September, 2-6 in the city this year. The dinners Moscow will be organized on August, 2-9.

The entertainment is very safe. It lasts from 20 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the program.

17.07.20 Russian Museums Welcome Guests Almost all the museums in Russia have started accepting visitors.

The Moscow Kremlin museums are open to the public, except for the Patriarch's Palace and the ‘Ivan the Great’ Bell Tower. In July 15 the Hermitage museum in St Petersburg also started to accept visitors. Almost all the main museums, exhibition centers, parks and reserves are already welcoming guests. The rest of them will open by the end of July.

The venues should follow all the safety measures. The entry is restricted, movements inside are regulated. Visits are organized by time slots. A visitor’s stay is also limited to several hours. In most venues tickets must be purchased only online, in the rest of them payment by cash is not allowed. All visitors and staff have to wear masks and gloves and to adhere to the required distancing.

In August, some museums are planning to organize group tours for 5 persons.
03.07.20 Private Charter Service Explore Russia with style and maximum comfort.

Russia is full of wonders, natural and cultural, and each of them opens numerous opportunities for any kind of programs for incentive trips or individual guests. You can see all of them with a private charter service available for many destinations in Russia. Luxurious business jets are perfect for the most demanding individual travelers and small groups of up to 20 persons. Group charters of various capacity are available for up to 600 persons.

You will have access to the airports closest to the most extraordinary places in Russia. The schedule of your flights will solely depend on you, which will save you time and worries for what is really important – getting new unforgettable experience. Entertainment on board and menu of your choosing is included. You can have the aircraft branded if you want your guest to feel special. And take as much luggage as you want.

The way you travel may be as exciting as the destination.

Photo: Airly, Embraer
02.07.20 Motocross Master Class Add a bit of adrenaline to your incentive trip to Moscow and St Petersburg.

You do not need to have a driver’s license or any experience, or be a “pro” in motorcycles to enjoy this activity. An experienced instructor will guide you all the way, and you will move with the speed the most comfortable for you. You will learn basic skills and ride on soil, not on asphalt. Everything is completely safe.

Just let yourself enjoy excitement in your bones and feel like a motorcycle stunt rider for a moment. After the ride, you can have a relaxing barbecue on the open air and, probably, you will plan to buy a motorcycle for yourself.
19.06.20 Sochi Reopens for Tourism The biggest Russian resort is getting back on track for tourists in June 21.

While Russia is still on the lockdown for international travels, the domestic tourism is getting back on track. Sochi, the 2014 Olympic destination located by the Black sea, gradually reopens its tourism facilities. From June 21, all the hotels will open their doors under the condition that they follow all the necessary safety procedures. Business events for maximum 100 persons are also allowed.

Mountain resorts in Sochi are starting to offer outdoor activities, including the mountain bicycles’ rent and the excess to mountain tracks and bike parks. Cable Railways, summer outdoor cafes also reopened.

Photo: Sochi administration press, Radisson Paradise Resort Hotel
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Subject Relaunch & Test driving BMW 7 Series Re-launch Client BMW Germany Participants 500 International motor-journalists and Russian Dealers Location Petersburg with surrendings and Pushkin

World re-launch of car model with 500 journalists in 8 waves / groups of international motor-journalists (Life-style, Professionals and Russian Dealers for 3 days each. Each group provided with test driving, presentations, road tour, gala dinner at Catherine’s Palace and cultural program. Arrangements of logistics, parking, hostesses, drivers, general land arrangements, official contacts & permissions.

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Subject Staff motivation & appreciation trip Client Kiwi, Norway Participants 600 staff of Supermarket Chain Location St. Petersburg (Yubileney Sport Complex, Artillery Museum. Frunze Military Academy & Ethnographic Museum)

Various themes during lunches & dinners in venues for 600 people during 5 days. Arrival lunch with one long-single table at Artillery museum by waiters in military uniforms, conference in Musical Comedy theatre, dinner in Military Academy with provided officers uniforms, Red Army Choir, military guards and a Lenin look-alike. Production in an Olympic setting at Yubileney Sport Complex with “doping control artist and doctors”, a variety of sport themes, fire show, 3 dimension screens showing clips from Soviet Sport History. Team building with 9 teams at the same time with 9 goals minimizing the teams in one final team (all against all).

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Subject Russian Erasmus Mundus & Alumni Association Meetings Client European Union Participants 400 students for 3 locations Location Novosibirsk, Kazan & Rostov-on-Don

Contracted by European Union for 3 Erasmus Mundus Students & Alumni Association Meetings and Conferences) in Novosibirsk (150 participants), Rostov-On-Don (150 participants) and Kazan (100 participants). The content of the programs included exhibitions, conferences, promotional activities, staff handling, VIP cocktail parties and gala dinners.

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Subject Ground Breaking Ceremony & Factory Opening Client General Electric Participants International management, local partners and VIPs Location Kaluga & Ryabinsk

KALUGA: Factory Opening & Ground Breaking Ceremony in Kaluga (200 persons) and groundbreaking ceremony in Ryabinsk (200 persons) of the General Electric factories at site with tent & road construction, electricity provision, entertainment, staging and catering outside Moscow with management and respective city officials from Kaluga & Ryabinsk.

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Subject Palace Masquerade Ball Client Mary Kay, Canada Participants 120 Hair care industry retailers Location Peterhof Palace

Arrival by hydrofoils from St. Petersburg and divided into separate pavilions for men & women. Professional make-up artists and assistance with pre-measured baroque clothing at each pavilion (provision of wigs, make-up, historical costumes and a cocktail party during dressing). Private opening of the fountains prior dressed in mask while meeting their respective spouses at the palace terrace. Entertainment and participation of delegates with classical dancing in the mirror hall prior to a historical dinner with prodigy entertainment.

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Client MGS Seguros, Spain Participants 400 top insurance brokers Location Moscow & St. Petersburg (Award Ceremony at Yeltsin Library)

A combined Moscow - St. Petersburg program with a chartered train between the cities. Inclusion of boat trips and exclusive visits to places of attraction. Full production and permission granted to the state Yeltsin Library Hall of the Confederation Court with Sound & Light set-up, award ceremony and ballet entertainment during the Gala Dinner. The incentive program was awarded “Premios Eventoplus” as the Best Incentive trip in Spain & Portugal.

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Subject Anniversary Gala Dinner Client Daikin, Australia Participants 450 Retailers Location St. Petersburg Philharmonic Hall

Logistics and program development of land arrangement and individual pre- and post tours. Gala dinner logistics and preparations including permissions, catering, external electricity installment, floor levelling construction from seat arrangement to table setting and communication with external entertainment.

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Subject Winter Olympics Sochi Client Omega, Volkswagen Group, Dutch Skating Association and others Participants 7.000 (various clients within the sport hospitality, sponsors and national sport associations. Location Sochi, Krasnaya Pollyanna (Moscow & St. Petersburg)

Providing services for both organizers and sponsor programs during the Olympic and & Paralympic games with a domestic staff of 150 persons involved in various programs. Fully involved with site inspection & support, program development, staff recruitment (hostesses, drivers, guides), staff & client accommodation, security, flight arrangements & coordination, transport, IT support & assistance, restaurants, venue reservations as well as bookings, purchasing etc.

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Subject Jeep Safari - Mammoth Trophy Rally Client Fujitsu, Finland Participants 20 persons Location Karelia North East Russia

A three-day safari in Karelia and the North eastern part of Russia with Russian UAZ (4WD Military Jeeps). The entire tour included dirt-roads and open tough terrain with 12 vehicles (each with a capacity of 5 to 7 seats). Creation of manual and instruction book for each driver how to assist and cover different moves while maneuvering the vehicles during difficult situations. Overnight in forest dachas on route with a Russian Banja (sauna) experience.

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Subject Conference & Gala Dinner Client Pfizer, Italy Participants 450 medical invitees Location St. Petersburg (Smolny Cathedral Swan Lake theme)

Full arrangement and planning for long weekend of travel logistics. Special gala dinner arrangement with 2 regiments of hussars in historical costume exercising outside the entrance including horses, flag bearers and drummers, shooting with antique rifles, vodka tasting. Decor of brick wall of fabric dividing the cathedral, draping the cathedral walls with white draperies (6.000 ft.) and fans. During cocktail entertainment of a children choir (40 children), bird songs from loud speakers and an artificial snow-fall from the balconies. Creation of a Swan lake atmosphere including smoke machines and 20 ballet dances from Marinskij ballet. Finale with Grand Piano and Saxophone entertainment and dance band together with a general set up with flower decorations, palm trees and catering.

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